I was Creative Director on this VR Title, Released 30, March 2017 I created the first early stage prototype and directed the game  and with the help of our 10 man strong team had a rapid launch with a total of 6 month production time.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/585500/



About the game

Dick Wilde, is a Stationary wave shooter, designed to give players the best experience in VR, easy to learn, hard to master. The player is put inside this redneck world filled with mutated, crazed out animals and need to do whatever they can to defeat them and not get defeated. every level has 10 waves with a boss in the end, all the player has to do is choose one of the 7 homemade weapons, and shoot/dodge their way through 9 levels of Madness. 

Go crazy with the homemade arsenal of Dick Wilde!

Progress though 9 unique levels in 3 different settings: swamp, tropical and northern!

Giant alligators, rabid piranhas, electric eel, charging sharks, bats and many more!
Have a hoedown by sharing the headset amongs friends and compete for the highscore! Who’ll be the biggest hillbilly this year?


DEFEAT GIANT BOSS MONSTERS AT THE END OF EACH LEVEL! Can Dick really take on a three-story high turtle with a homemade Bow? Can you?

Local multiplayer VR has never been so much fun. Spectators have all the information they could need. It even comes with a complete pinball display!
Happy Huntin’ Folks!



Bolverk games does not support animal cruelty in any way, nor do we endorse heavy substance abuse, weapon crafting or having a messy home in a swamp.